Our pay per click solutions combine strategy, analysis, design and implementation, ensuring we reach the right market.

Welcome to RED PPC, a pay per click agency located in Austin, TX. We specialize in providing pay per click advertising services.

Our comprehensive suite of digital marketing services includes:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Our PPC advertising campaigns help you reach your target audience and generate leads and sales through targeted ads on search engines and social media platforms.

At RED PPC, we take a personalized approach to digital marketing. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our services to meet those needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that help our clients succeed.

If you’re looking for a pay per click agency in Austin, TX that can help you achieve your online marketing goals, look no further than RED PPC. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our pay per click services.



RED PPC – A pay per click advertising agency

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We can deliver results and Google backs us up in that statement.


We pay attention to our clients and their needs with their PPC campaigns.


We have been able to come in to a ppc campaing and find ways to better performance and delivery.


We know money doesn't grow on trees so we do what we can to make sure your ad dollars are going where they should.


Our comprehensive range of PPC services provides all the essentials for driving growth, spanning from thorough audits to the creation of new landing pages, campaign setups, strategic planning, and execution. We adopt a hands-on approach to PPC management, ensuring we’re by your side throughout the entire process. Below is a breakdown of our included services.

PPC Audit of current campaigns

To plan effectively, it's important to review your past PPC ads and strategies. Your PPC management agency should conduct an audit to get a clear picture of your current efforts. This is also a great time to discuss your overall digital marketing plans and business goals with our team.

Competitive analysis & market research

Our main goal is to create a successful program tailored to your unique business needs. However, we also pay close attention to your competitors and the current state of your industry. This involves auditing both direct and indirect competitors, staying updated with Google Trends, and gathering other valuable insights.

Conversion & goal tracking review

You might believe your PPC account is set up and tracking correctly, but our experience with hundreds of clients has shown that conversion and tracking errors are more common than expected. That's why we thoroughly audit all conversion points—forms, calls, emails, and appointments—to ensure all goals are being accurately tracked.

Identifying key opportunities & platforms

The opportunities and platforms you utilize in your PPC program will depend on its scope and your agreement with your PPC partner. This might include PPC alone or extend to Display, Shopping campaigns, and more. Once these parameters are established, we can collaborate to identify your biggest opportunities and uncover some potential quick wins.

Campaign buildouts, strategy & execution

Think of this PPC deliverable stage as the foundation for achieving your established goals. It involves creating an advertising strategy that considers factors like budget, bid type, optimization objectives, and creative recommendations. This stage may also include projections of what can be achieved with your current budget.

Keyword research & development

Launching PPC ads without proper keyword research? That’s risky. This step is crucial because it shapes everything from your ad copy to your targeting parameters. Along with the audit, keyword research and development help identify new targeting opportunities based on your ideal client personas, company goals, and the key selling points of your product or service.

Audience, ad copy & creative buildout

After defining your ideal client personas, the next step is to create custom audiences for targeted, strategic ad campaigns rather than generic ones that may not resonate. From there, you can develop an ad management plan and craft compelling ad copy tailored to these audiences, using the previously identified keywords within the overall strategy.

A/B testing and landing pages

Testing, testing, 1-2-3. Testing is crucial for optimizing your campaigns—leave the "set it and forget it" mindset to your competitors. Experiment with headlines, ad copy, landing page design, imagery, and more to see what resonates best with your audience. It's also a good time to update or create custom landing pages for conversion-focused campaigns. Heatmapping is a valuable tool at this stage, helping to identify areas for improvement on your landing pages.

Custom Reporting

Customized reports on your PPC campaign's progress not only keep everyone aligned but also provide valuable information for your company's C-suite when they inquire about progress. These reports are tailored to your desired key performance indicators (KPIs), relevant customer relationship management (CRM) data, and other valuable insights.

Full List of PPC Deliverables:

Initial Assessment of Marketing Plans & Business Goals Campaign Strategy & Implementation Campaign Restructuring & Expansion Competitor Analysis & Industry Insights Keyword Research & Development Remarketing for Display & Search Ad Copy Creation & A/B Testing Conversion & ROI Tracking Setup Sales, Lead, & Google Call Tracking Access to Exclusive Google Ads Beta Features Geo-targeting, Dayparting, & Device Analysis Demographic Analysis (age, gender, household income) Extension Integration Bid Management Search Terms Report & Negative Keyword Optimization Trend Analysis & Market Share Evaluation Display & YouTube Campaigns Creation of Static Image Assets for Display Customized Reporting